What is Group Coaching?

Group Coaching is coaching of a group with a common development opportunity. They don’t necessarily work together (so they are not a team) yet have a commonality that means they can develop together. It’s often a more affordable, cost-effective way of coaching many people to progress in a certain area. Each individual develops the group supports each participant and the group contributes ideas to each other increasing creativity often resulting in better business performance as well.


Leadership Development Coaching – Customized and focused coaching to improve each individual’s performance and the performance of the organization through skill development, style differences, and ultimately confidence. Often involves sharing 3600 feedback of each individual with the group.

Rising Star or High Potential Coaching – For developing men and women identified as high potential to help groom them for increasing levels of responsibility. Helps retain top talent if advancement not eminent, or fine-tune skills and behaviors such as developing others, exhibiting a coaching style, influencing others, improved communication, inspiring by speaking through the head and the heart.

Post-Training Coaching – Coaching after a corporate training program to ensure consistent support for implementation of the action plans developed in the program. Research shows that training when combined with coaching increases the learning, retention and use of the training material.

The Benefits of Group Coaching:

  • Affordable, cost-effective way of providing coaching to many individuals
  • Learning from peers and coach – the “collective learning of the group”
  • Support and perspective from group participants from diverse parts of the organization
  • Scalable to more people in the organization
  • Creates an on-going accountability structure to support growth over time
  • Increased motivation from being surrounded by others with similar issues
  • Enriched relationships, transferable interpersonal skills outside of the group
  • Increased creativity
  • Greater access to resources, wisdom and experiences
  • Group energy diffuses stress
  • Breaks down organizational silos