What is One on One Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is dedicated time and focus for the Executive and Coach to work together to improve the Executive’s performance in a challenging yet supportive way. It’s a process for personal development for an individual in an organization, whether they are at a Board level, Executive level or Management level.

Coaching is an investment in successful individuals in an organization as a means of facilitating them to learn about themselves to have a greater impact within the organization.

When organizations might Want Executive Coaching: Leadership Development Coaching – Customized and focused coaching to improve an individual’s performance and the performance of the organization through skill development, style differences, and ultimately confidence. Helping to support them to deliver the required immediate financial results while navigating the strategic thinking necessary to enable the organization in the future.

High Potential Coaching – For developing men and women identified as high potential to help groom them for increasing levels of responsibility. This can help retain top talent if advancement is not in the immediate future, but somewhere down the road. Fine-tune skills and behavior, such as leading and inspiring others, Improving communication.

Post-Training Coaching – Coaching after a corporate training program to ensure consistent support for implementation of the action plans developed in the program. Research shows that training when combined with coaching increases the learning, retention and use of the training material.

Newly Promoted Coaching – Coaching leaders in preparation for their next career move or once in the new position to help ensure success quickly. Essentially helping the individual get quicker/better results by facilitating the transition.

It’s Lonely At The Top Coaching – For THE leader of the organization, whether it’s the Managing Director, CEO or Chairman, coaching provides a confidential relationship where any concerns or dilemmas can be raised safely, without political or financial repercussions. Also, the coach is an external sounding board that allows time for exploring strategic alternatives.

Executive Coaching – is a comprehensive process designed to support, encourage, champion, provoke and challenge Executives to realize their potential for the current situation and future opportunities. It gives Executives a chance to learn about themselves, consciously decide what they want to create and time to think about the business, the future and the impact.