Unlike traditional business consulting, business coaches don’t fix the problems for their clients and then go away. Instead, business coaching helps guide business owners into finding their own solutions to their problems. The coach guides the client in putting strategic plans in place which will solve the problems (or capitalize on new opportunities).

The coach facilitates creative and strategic brainstorming. The coach then helps to facilitate the creation of tactical “action steps” that the client or client company will take to implement the strategy. Once the action steps are committed to, a good coach provides a structured environment where the client is accountable to him or herself for executing the plans.

Business coaches work with business owners, business executives, along with sales people and company employees looking to make a difference in their lives.

In Addition

Business coaches work with successful people who are “stuck” in certain areas of their business. These areas can be related to weak profits, sluggish sales, cash flow challenges, people problems, or working too many hours, which can result in an unhealthy work/life balance.

Many personal effectiveness issues stem from bad habits and addictions. Others actually stem from personal strengths that are overused so much they actually become weaknesses. For example, think of how strong and powerful a bull is… now put him in a china shop!

Business professionals many times need to get out of their own way in order to become successful both in their business and personal life.

A professional business coach helps get the client out of the proverbial trees so the owner can work strategically on business development and systematically solve these problems. This results in higher profits, better cash flow, and a happier workplace, which in turn leads to a healthy, productive, and joyful life.

When a person hires a business coach, the coach represents the self-interests of just one person: The client. There are absolutely no hidden agendas – ever.